There I Was Standing

There I was standing,
Standing at the ground,
Standing at the bottom it seemed,
Not really sure where to go from here,
Feeling the emotions,
Going through the pain,
Trying to keep the positive,
Trying to remember,
Remember that this too shall pass,
Knowing to keep my mind on Him,
Keeping my prayers,
But feeling the emotions,
Wanting everything to just fade,
Just wanting a break,
Tired of the testing,
Tired of it all,
Just wanted it over,
Wanted the hurt to stop,
Wanting the emotions to disappear,
Wanting everything to just fade,
There I was standing,
Standing toward that edge,
Where I could make a decision,
A decision I could have dread,
I could have decided to not,
To not put my trust in Him,
I could have played toward something else,
But even through that moment,
Through what felt one of the darkest,
Lowest moments,
That was going on in my life,
I took a deep breath,
I took a step back,
I prayed,
I put my trust in Him,
And then through a belief,
Through wonderful means,
I remember that sometimes we have to hit,
Those rock bottom moments,
Have to deal with those hard times,
Go through those tests,
To remember to keep on going,
To keep on trusting,
To keep on believing,
And so there I was standing,
Standing between those roads,
And I looked on down,
And I remembered,
Remembered that there is only one way,
One way to keep on going,
To look up,
To climb,
And to keep believing,
Even in those dark moments.
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