Tell Me Why It's So Hard

Tell me why it’s so hard,
Tell me why it’s so difficult,
Tell me why I feel at the sidelines,
In this thing called life,
Tell me why I stand here?
Tell me why I feel like I can’t take it anymore?
Tell me why these emotions fill my heart,
And fill my soul,
Why does it have to be this way?
Why does it have to hurt so much?
Why does the pain penetrate every part of my heart,
Every part of my soul,
Everything that I am?
Why does my heart feel so frozen?
Why can’t this rain just pass?
Why does it seem that the only thing constant,
Is this pain,
Is this hurt,
Is this rain that hits this kind heart?
This kind person?
This kind being?
Why can’t I find it?
Where did I lose it?
Where did I lose my way?
Just tell me why,
Tell me why these emotions,
Why these dreams,
Can’t seem to exist peacefully,
Wanting nothing more,
Wanting nothing more than something to believe in,
Wanting something to hold onto,
Wanting something to dream of again,
Tell me why I stand here?
Why can’t I be swept away from this place?
Why can’t I just find those feelings,
I had known before?
Tell me why?
Tell me why I stand at this crossroads,
Stand at this moment,
Wishing for simpler times,
Wishing for anything but this,
That peace,
That joy again,
That love,
The love I do know in my heart,
In my soul,
Although it seems buried so deep,
Tell me why,
Why does it feel this way?
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