He Gave It All

He gave it all,
He gave us everything,
He gave us His life,
So that we may live eternally,
He let Himself be made into flesh,
To be ridiculed,
To be hurt,
To be disbelieved,
To be put on the Cross,
To make that victory at Calvary,
To make that victory over sin,
Over death,
Over things that we deal with everyday,
Because He loved us,
He gave it all,
He gave us everything,
He gave us a gift,
So we may be saved,
So we may have salvation,
As long as we believed,
As long as we grasp to the knowledge,
That we are lost without Him,
That we have no hope without Him,
That we need Him in our lives,
That we cannot live without Him,
He gave it all,
For us to find this way,
To find our path toward Him,
To accept Him into our life,
To hold onto to that,
To give everything we have to Him,
To let Him lead us,
To guide us,
To carry through,
To carry through all the good times,
To carry through all the bad times,
And all the times between,
Through all the tests and trials,
All you have to do,
Is pray to Him,
Give your trust in Him,
Believe in Him,
Believe that He gave His life for yours,
For you to be able to receive the best gift,
You could ever ask for,
Just believe,
Give that faith,
Make that step,
And remember that He,
He gave it all,
For you,
For me,
For everyone who would take that time,
That that moment,
And believe in Him.
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