I Might Not Have

I might not have money,
I might not have much to my name,
I might not have a thousand possessions,
Or things to call my own,
But I have love in my heart,
I have beauty in my soul,
I have joy in my mind,
Even through the dark moments,
I might have health issues,
I might have a hard time working,
In terms of something you get paid for,
But I have these words,
I have this gift,
I have the blessing,
Of being able to touch lives,
I might not always,
Be able to do things others can,
But I do have my purpose,
I have my own worth,
I am strong,
Maybe even stronger than others around me,
I am the counselor,
When someone needs a person to talk to,
I am the best friend,
A person who is there,
If given a chance,
A person who stands up for her friends,
A person who is protective of her friends,
I am a lover,
A person who loves with her whole heart,
Her whole soul,
Her whole mind,
With every breathe,
Every part,
Every portion that I am,
I may not have money,
But I can show you many things,
I can be there for every moment of your life,
I can be someone who is there for you,
Loves you,
Cares for you,
Wants to be with you,
Through every day,
I might not have money,
But I have a heart of gold,
Something that cannot be given,
A price,
A dollar amount,
Because although money makes certain things,
In this world turn,
It is not the end all,
To be all,
Full thing,
In the end of the day,
In the end of the moment,
In the end,
What matters more,
Are the emotions,
That I want to show,
And that is the love,
The love that is deep,
Deep within.
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