It's The Last Chance

It’s about to be a new year,
About to be a new start,
It’s the last chance,
The last chance to change things,
To change things within,
To change things within us,
To take that moment,
Give it your best,
Just say the words,
Just say it and make it last,
Just something simple,
Doesn’t have to be complex,
I am not asking,
Not asking for anything difficult,
Just a few words,
Just something to change,
Change what is,
What is you and me,
Just give me that,
Just say you want to be mine,
Mine forever,
Until the end of time,
It’s that last chance,
Take it now,
Take it true,
Before it’s gone,
Before it’s too late,
Before the clock strikes twelve,
End the year in good standing,
Change the way things are,
Give me that hope,
Give me that feeling,
Take away the numbness,
Take away that lack of feeling,
The feeling of just standing here,
Even though I am so in love with you,
But being in so much pain,
Because there is still so much,
I want,
I need,
I crave,
I desire,
It’s the last chance,
Take it now,
Take it true,
Give it to me,
Give it all,
I need to see it,
I need to feel it,
I feel so lost within here,
I want to show it,
I want to love the way I have,
The way I have before,
I want to feel lost,
Lost within us,
Lost in our love,
Not lost in this numb,
This numbness that lies within,
Take that chance,
Take that moment,
Before it’s gone,
It’s that last chance,
Take it now,
Before it’s too late my darling,
Before I fade away,
Fade into nothing,
From here.
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