Restless Tonight

Restless tonight,
Something is just not right,
Thoughts are running high,
Screaming through the corners of my mind,
Something more tonight,
Lost in thought,
Lost in moments deep,
Had hopes high,
Then they disappeared again tonight,
I wished so hard,
I wished with all my might,
And then nothing came,
And I was left disappointed,
Restless tonight,
Something is just not right,
As much as I hide within,
As much as I hide deep within my walls,
Deep within my heart,
Deep within my soul,
Behind the mask,
The one most cannot see,
The one I hide from,
Restless tonight,
Wanting nothing more than to be held tonight,
Wanting nothing more to feel love,
Wanting nothing more to feel happiness,
That reaches deep,
Reaches deeper than anything in the world,
Reaches to the depth of your heart,
The depth of your soul,
The depth of everything around you,
Restless tonight,
Wishing for peace again,
Wishing for something deep,
Wishing for something calming,
Wishing for something more,
Wanting my dreams fulfilled,
Wanting my hope restored,
For things it seems,
That will not be with this,
Restless tonight,
Not sure what to do now,
Where the road will lead,
Not fully afraid of the unknown,
Wishing for more hope,
Wishing it was a simple answer,
For this restless heart,
This restless mind,
This restless night,
Where nothing seems right.
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