When We Danced

When we danced I felt the time freeze,
When you had your arms around me,
Looking into my eyes,
I wanted to just freeze everything,
Stop the time,
Stop that moment,
Just live,
Every moment plays over,
And over in my mind,
It was the best day,
The best moment,
The best time I have had,
It all flowed that day,
That moment,
That time,
I felt it in your eyes,
I felt it in that embrace,
I felt it in that dance,
I felt it in the conversations that day,
Felt everything,
Stronger than ever before,
It created a memory,
A memory that holds my mind,
Holds my dreams,
Holds my everything,
When we danced,
I knew even more,
Knew even deeper,
Knew with every fiber of my being,
Every fiber of my soul,
How much I love you,
How much you mean to me,
It wasn’t that I didn’t know before,
Didn’t know there was that feeling,
But it felt even more,
Felt even deeper,
Felt to the depth of my heart,
My soul,
Every part,
I love you my darling,
Love you with everything,
Everything that I am,
That I have,
And that dance,
Was one of many moments,
Many memories,
That I know you will give me,
Through all our life together.
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