You Never Learn

There are many things we never seem to learn,
Things that keep coming back,
Time and time again,
Even when we believe,
Even when we thought,
That we would never go back
To things we promised ourselves,
Oh but sometimes we still don’t learn,
Because we want to think of the best,
We want to believe in the dream,
We want to hope,
Even when it seems crazy,
Even when it seems insane,
But sometimes there are times,
Those lessons we never learn,
Those lessons we go through time,
And time again,
There are some things worth repeating,
Especially when it comes to love,
Because we have to take that chance,
Even through hardship,
And broken hearts,
Because you never know,
What can happen?
Don’t make an excuse,
Doesn’t matter if you have dealt with it or before,
Sometimes you can’t learn,
Without unlearning something from your past,
Sometimes you got to let go,
Sometimes you have to hold on,
Sometimes you have to never learn a lesson,
And sometimes you need to learn it well,
Just remember to take risks,
Take chances,
Don’t hold back,
Don’t give in,
And when some naysayer tells you,
You never learn,
Just look them into their eyes,
Smile a wonderful smile,
And thank them,
And say you know,
But you don’t care,
Because there are some things in life,
Worth never learning,
Worth never holding back on,
Worth giving all you got,
Worth maybe making yet another mistake,
Because what is life,
Without the beauty of the joy,
That can happen from not learning,
Things in love.
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