I Feel Beautiful

Whenever I look at you,
Whenever I look into your eyes,
Whenever I see you smile my way,
Whenever I hold you close to me,
I feel beautiful,
Whenever it’s just you and I,
Whenever we are just one within each other,
Whenever love just flows naturally,
Because this is meant to be,
I feel beautiful,
Whenever I feel another part
Of this wonderful dream coming true,
Whenever I feel that we become even
Just that much closer,
I feel beautiful,
There are so many things in this life,
So many hardships,
So many broken dreams,
But whenever I am with you,
Nothing else seems to matter,
Nothing else seems to exist,
Everything before doesn’t seem to matter,
And where I might have felt pretty,
Might have felt cute,
But whenever I am with you,
When I look into your eyes,
And I see me in them,
And I see the love you have for me,
I feel beautiful,
Because the love you have shines,
Shines through your eyes,
And into mine,
Every day.
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