Glory Road

It’s been a rough road,
Trying to find this place,
Trying to find my way here,
Finding my way to the glory road,
Going through the changes,
Going through those moments,
Wondering if I really knew,
What I was in for,
What I was doing,
Knowing that my life needed changing,
That I couldn’t keep going the way I was,
Knowing that something was needed,
Needed in my life,
Something stronger,
Something deeper,
Something more,
I had searched for the answers,
Searched high,
Searched low,
Gone through the many choices,
Gone through many different ways,
Feeling the frustration,
Feeling the emptiness,
Feeling that there was something needed,
Knowing that it was out there somewhere,
I’ve gone down so many paths,
Been on so many different roads,
I never fully realized,
Never fully understood,
Never could really see for a long time,
I was lost,
Looking for that glory road,
For so long I thought I was okay,
Felt I was doing the right thing,
Felt that I didn’t need more,
But I was wrong,
Oh so wrong,
I was more lost than I knew,
I needed Him in my life,
I needed something,
It was there calling my name,
The whole time,
The road was calling,
The road was saying come to me,
The road was saying this is the way,
But I kept on trying to do it my way,
Kept on feeling that this was the path,
Not really knowing,
Not really seeing,
I was tumbling along,
Just tumbling along it seemed,
It has been a rough road,
And I know there are times it still will be,
But now I know that I have found it,
Found that road,
The glory road,
And my life is better,
My life has transformed,
My life has better meaning,
Now that I have found,
Found the glory road.
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