There has been so many choices laid upon her feet,
Moments and times,
Moments that was great,
Moments that was hard,
Moments that was everything in between,
And through them all she grew,
And through them all she did keep one belief,
One belief sacred and true to her heart and soul,
And although criticized for many things,
And although wondering why she did certain things,
She knew that she still held true,
True to that choice to believe in love,
Believe in something deep and strong,
Through the good and bad,
Something that would last forever,
And although she felt she came close
A few times in the past,
A few times she was heartbroken by promises,
Promises that wasn’t kept,
She kept to her choice,
She kept on believing,
Kept on knowing somehow,
Through the hurt,
Through the pain,
Through any tears,
That the love she saw in her dreams,
The love that she felt,
Would come into her life,
And when everything seemed at the end of the road,
And when everything seemed that nothing could improve,
And when everything seemed to the end,
Keeping to the choice,
Keeping to what she believed in turned her life around,
Just when everything was the lowest,
When everything wasn’t going right,
She found a way through,
Because he entered into her life,
Bringing everything,
Everything she could have asked for,
Everything she couldn’t even believed before,
When she imagined this choice,
When she dreamed about it at night,
She never could have truly imagined,
She never could have really known,
She never could have believed,
Although she’s made good and bad choices,
Although she has had to deal with good times,
And bad times,
And everything in between,
And although she can’t take back some of the things,
She might regret now,
She knows that her life,
Her hopes,
Her beliefs now,
Are stronger than they ever been,
That she has found a way,
A way through the bad times,
She found the love she’s always dreamed of,
She found God,
She found the blessings,
Blessings she never knew until now,
And it all started,
Started at a choice that laid on her feet,
The choice to keep on going,
To give love another chance,
To believe,
To believe in that higher calling,
And that made the difference,
Made all the difference in the world.
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