Other Side Of The Fence

Sometimes we all need to look on the other side,
Sometimes we all need to see other points of view,
Even when we don’t agree,
Even when we want to argue,
Even when things don’t seem to make sense,
In our eyes,
As part of our lives,
There are moments we have to be bigger,
Than what we really are,
To push aside the differences,
And to walk along another side,
We might not always understand,
We might not always see,
But sometimes we got to take that moment,
But sometimes we got to take that chance,
And look at the other side of the fence,
Look to see that although you might not agree,
And although there are times to disagree,
That we all are human beings,
We all have emotions,
We all have feelings,
We all have times of loss,
We all have times of hardships,
We all have times of gain,
We all have times of joy,
There are those that are truly corrupt,
And truly evil,
But we have to remember that not all things,
We might believe in is so easy,
As black and white,
There are so many shades of gray,
And we don’t always know,
What that person might be going through,
Or have gone through,
If you ever had a time in your life,
A time that you saw your own moments
That were in your life,
That you might have not been proud of,
Those especially are the times,
To remember to look on the other side of the fence,
It might not always be easy,
And normally it is quite hard,
But if you are to try to love another,
You have to remember,
That not everything is what it seems,
And that on an occasion in this life,
You have to take a look,
Look beyond what is yourself,
And look toward that fence,
Across that side,
And stare into those eyes of those others,
Because you might discover something,
You never noticed before,
Something you find that reminds you,
Of something about you,
Laying in that person,
Their thoughts,
Their dreams,
That touches your heart,
If you take that chance.
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