My Personal Goal Statement

This is the Essay I wrote for Argosy for getting into my Master's Program I will be starting in January.

Even at a young age when I was in grade school I knew that I wanted and was going to accomplish a lot of great things. When I was a child I was actually in special education until I was in the 4th grade due to having a motor skill problem I was born with and a speech problem. My motor skill problem prevented me from holding a pencil correctly and would at times cause hand pains as it does still to this day if I have to write too much by hand therefore as I am writing this I type everything. With that and the speech problem which people never seem to notice most of the time I worked very hard to get out of special education in grade school.

This is just one of many examples I have of where I have worked toward a goal that most would thought impossible. I came from a single parent household with a father that decided he didn’t want anything to do in my life but I worked through that and as I got older started using writing as an outlet as well as something to express the many things that was going around me. To this day I still write and have been more seriously for 13 years I have written everything from poetry, short stories, novels, one act plays, songs, and even a few blog series I am currently working on.

I am the first in my family to receive a bachelor’s degree and one of the few to actually have gotten a High School Diploma although there are some in my family that received GED’s. I knew I wanted to do something in business when I was in high school at first I thought it was accounting but then found my true calling in business management and the human resource classes I took. I believe that I have a calling to help others and I believe that part of that is accomplishing this master’s degree.

I want to be in a place where I can help people out and be in a place to do some true good in this world as much as I can. I have always been a people person even as a child although quieter in my younger years I have always had a way with people and it seems with words. Although I do have my asthma now for the past 11 years I believe even though I’ve struggled with that, that I can still be a great use to people around me and seem to be every day. I am unofficially a counselor to people around me and a source of strength that sometimes I don’t even realize.

I believe all the following things are reasons why this is one of my goals. Not to mention when I was getting my management degree I knew I didn’t want to stop there. I believe with my strength also as a writer that I can accomplish anything even with the various things that seem to be against me. I am not one to give up easily.

I have gone through many emotional things in my life and believe I have become stronger due to it. I believe truly in PSU’s motto of Let Knowledge Serve the city believing that one needs to pay whatever they can forward and not just keep it to themselves. I look forward to starting yet another chapter in my life moving forward from the many things I have gone through in the past few years.
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