Stars Aligned

Stars have pushed aside to let him through,
Through to her heart,
Through to her soul,
Through to her mind,
Through to the innermost being,
To the depths that most couldn’t touch,
Couldn’t even see,
Couldn’t even try to find,
To sense,
To feel,
To know the depth of her,
Stars have pushed aside to let him through,
Through the walls she had built,
The ones miles,
And miles around her heart,
The ones that some tried to go over,
Some went over a few,
Some helped build,
Some broke through,
But was rebuilt through other things,
He didn’t really know it,
He didn’t even see,
That when she met him,
She was close to a moment,
Where she felt to give up,
She was tired of the walls herself,
She was tired of the hurt,
The pain,
Everything that she was put through,
She didn’t know if she could handle it,
If she could go through it again,
And then there he was,
He took her by surprise,
Got her heart going,
Just as if there was never any walls,
Any pain,
Anything that was wrong in her life,
Stars have pushed aside to let him through,
Through everything that was there,
And shined in love,
Love so beautiful,
Love so wonderful,
Love so complete,
Love so ever compressing,
Love that is so whole,
And hope came through,
Came through toward every portion,
That was in her heart and soul,
Came through the hardest parts,
That seemed frozen,
And he found a way,
Because those stars knew,
They knew the way,
For him to find a way,
A way through everything,
Every wall,
Every portion,
That had blocked so many others,
So easily,
Because he had the key,
The key to her heart,
For he was made for her,
As she was for him,
And they are meant to be,
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