No One Wants The Emotions

No one wants the rain,
Even though we all go through it,
No one wants the hardship,
Even though hardships make you stronger,
No one wants the hurt,
Even though it’s a part of life,
No one wants to suffer,
Although suffering in certain ways
Can only bring wonder,
And things that are better,
Even if it doesn’t seem like it at the time,
No one wants the emotions,
That lay within them,
They do not want to show it,
They rather just hide,
They rather just pretend,
They rather not see what’s in front of them,
They rather not see the truth around them,
Even though all they are doing,
Is hurting everyone around them,
Not realizing how much they are losing,
No one wants to handle the moments,
That is difficult or hard,
No one wants to help those that truly are in need,
So many people are shallow,
So many people are selfish,
So many people forget to look outside of themselves,
So many people forget what is all around them,
They forget how what they do affects more than just them,
Forget about how different things said can make a difference,
Even if it is just to one person,
No one wants the emotions,
No one wants the responsibility,
At least that is what they say,
That is what we are shown around us,
That we can only count on ourselves,
Can only go by our own way,
And not submit to something higher,
To submit to Him,
Submit to His will,
See things from outside,
See things deeper than just within,
To deal with those emotions,
To help through those moments,
To help through people going on those difficult times,
To help through the rain,
The pain,
The hardship,
And everything in between,
Show that there is someone,
Willing to deal,
To want,
To not stop,
Going through those emotions.
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