Important Tips And Tricks On Moving

Moving is a difficult process no matter how well prepared you are, however there are tricks and tips that can be useful in the process to make it less stressful for you during your move. Why take my advice on these tricks and tips of moving when it comes to looking for a place to move to, what questions to ask, and time savers? Because, I, myself have moved several times through my life and have learned many things that can be useful, especially if you have not moved very often, or it has been many years because things are constantly changing. I have been known as the apartment queen due to the amount of apartments I have moved to.

I am going to break this down to a few different sections when it comes to the information. First, going to go over the some tips and tricks on finding a place to move to. Second, I will go over some of the questions to ask when you are doing your search remember that although there will be several questions some you might not need depending on what you are need in a place to live. Third, I will go over some time savers what sort of information you should have in regards to what you are looking for not to mention things to have done before the big move. Fourth, I will give some sage advice and conclusions when it comes to moving. Lastly, I will include some checklists from the information given in other sections that you can use.

Finding A Place

So, you are moving. Whatever the reason or circumstance moving can be very stressful and long process. First consideration is your price range on what you are willing to pay for rent every month. When you are looking through various places you are going to need to know how much you can pay each month. Second consideration, when you are looking at places to live is what is important to you in terms of bedrooms, bathrooms, the overall size of the space, what amenities are necessary, and your wish list of items you wish for it to have. Third consideration is location what areas are you open to living in, what areas are you closed to living in completely, and what areas are in between the two.

Once you start piecing together your main requirements of what type of place you are looking for it is time to start looking for that place. It is good to have a list written down even if you might change a few things as you are doing your search. One, of the many wonderful things about today’s world is technology but what is important is how you use it. An important tip when looking for a place online is to be weary of scams, although main websites such as for rent and apartment guide normally are not a problem, if you do use sites such as craigslist to be sure to do your full research before accepting to live anywhere.

Another important tip is that many websites you can see pictures room by room, see dimensions, virtual tours, and some ways to be able to compare several apartments at one time giving you ability to see things side by side be sure to use this wisely. This will help to be able to start narrowing down the number of places you are interested in as well as the places you will go through a regular tour in person. With the ever changing gas prices being able to hit less places that you are interested in will work out for you better in the long term, not to mention although the actual moving is time consuming, actual apartment tours and looking at places can become emotionally consuming.

Once you are at a place you are considering moving to there are some very important questions to keep in mind. These are ones that will also be provided on a checklist that will be included in this article at the end. These questions will help you decide which place is going to work best for your move. This will be our next section I will go over which is questions you should ask when you are looking for that perfect place to move to.

Questions To Ask

Some of the most important ones include: How much is the security deposit? How much is the application fee? How much are other deposits? How much money do I need to pay now and are you willing to work with any of the deposits? What amenities does this place offer?

Is the water, sewer, and garbage included? Are there any other utilities or special offers does this place offer? Are pets allowed? What sort of pets can I have? What are some of the main rules and policies? What is parking like? What is the policy on late payments and what are the fees assessed if you are late on rent?

What is the policy when you leave the place? What are the hours for the office and who do I contact for maintenance requests? Is there anything else that I should know about?

These questions might seem many to ask but they are useful. Once you have gone through all your possibilities check the answers from these questions to rate what places will work the best and what to toss out. Once you have come to a complete decision you will want to be sure to fill out a complete application if renting an apartment, duplex, or townhouse and have all the information needed in order to move. Next we are going to go over some time savers to keep in mind when moving.

Time Savers

Although moving is a very emotional, time consuming, and frustrating process there are some things that can help you through this period of time. In this section I will provide you some of the items I have found that has saved time and things I have learned along the way through others when it comes to moving. I will also include this as its own separate checklist to check off in the end of the article.

One important thing I have found useful is to have all the information you are going to need to fill out an application or if you buy a place to give to your agent when looking for a home. This would include: Drivers License or some sort of photo id, bank statements, application fees if you are renting in check form, copies of paychecks and/or other income sources, your housing voucher if you have housing, anything else that the place you will be living at will require some places do require more information than others. Be sure to fill out a changing address form as soon as you have the exact address because certain things do take longer than others to change over even in today’s age.

It is very important to start the packing process as soon as you know that you will be moving. As packing is very time consuming starting it earlier than later is the best approach. Use very strong and sturdy boxes and be sure to be careful on how you pack things. Make sure on breakables to not pack anything else in the boxes and to not make them too heavy. With heavier items such as books be sure to not load them with too many as to make sure the boxes are not heavier than needed. When you are packing be sure to have decent supplies in high quantities these are items that are better to have more than not enough such as pens to mark boxes, packaging tape, actual boxes, bubble wrap or newspaper for breakables, and any other items you feel that is important.

When it comes to packing another important thing to remember is to start off with packing things that are the least important to you packing the things you need the most last. Be sure to have plenty of help ready for the big move it is also a nice extra sentiment to have food and drinks for everyone or treat your movers to a small meal it will grant you some extra brownie points. Depending on your situation having movers might also be a good idea for the big move, so be sure to budget that into your finances when you are considering a place to live.

Speaking of finances is sure you have all the finances in order before the move. Have all the money sorted in terms of deposits, movers, first month’s rent, and any other expenses such as food for the big day. It is important to try to stay on budget with these items as well as be sure when you are looking at places to live that you won’t be struggling with the monthly rent or mortgage payment. This will help you save time as well as stress having all this put together beforehand.

When it comes to the actual moving day one of the best things to remember is to use cars for as many boxes as you can, if you can start moving in boxes a few days beforehand it will help save space when it comes to the moving van. Asking if you can move in boxes is another question you can ask when you are accepted into the place you are moving to, this will help you save time on the big day as on the main moving day, as you will want to use it more for moving heavier things than the smaller or light things that cars can carry. When packing the moving van be sure to have it organized as much as possible, don’t put it in a haphazard way as that will lose space you can use, not to mention gain you more trips going back and forth the two places, and depending on where you are moving to this could create more expenses on the gas you are using for the moving van.

When all the moving is completed be sure to first have your bed set up and essential bathroom items don’t worry about organizing much else until later most likely you have been up for many hours, tired, and exhausted from the actual move. Be sure to feed your helpers and try to get a good night sleep. When you are moving try to make sure you have some time off work to organize and relax before returning to work.

When it comes to unpacking and organizing take care of the main things first such as main kitchen items, bedroom, and bathroom once the main things are taken care of you can spend more time on the smaller items, and be sure to take breaks so you don’t exhaust yourself too much. Now I am going to go over some sage advice and conclusion on the moving process. After this I will include the checklists of the questions to ask when looking for a place to move and also the items to keep in mind for looking a place to live.

Sage Advice And Conclusion

During this article we have gone over finding a place to live and the considerations to think about when doing so, questions you should ask when you are looking at a place, and some time savers that can be useful when you move. Something to always remember is to try to keep as relaxed as possible even though moving can be a stressful and emotional process doing things to help you stay grounded is important during the move.

Moving does get easier in some ways over time although some things never seem to get easier when you move. Packing is one of the few things that seem to become more second nature when you move. Another thing I have found is that every time one does move you seem to go through and find stuff to get rid of, so you have less to move although it is never bad to do that way before you decide to move to another place. Remember that going with your emotions will never be wrong when it comes to finding a place to live, if a place doesn’t seem to be good for you go with that feeling never fight something that tells you certain things.

Moving is never an easy task but hopefully with this article you will be better prepared for any future moving you will do. Always be sure to call in advance for reservations when it comes to the moving van, do not try to do this on the same day of your move, as you never know if they will run out on an important day. Remember that moving can be difficult but it is manageable hopefully the advice in this article will provide means to help you through this difficult time.


These are the checklists I promised. Do remember some items will depend on your circumstance. First, will be the things to think of when you are looking for your own place, and then followed by questions to ask when you are looking at places.

Looking For Your Own Place Items To Look For:

- Price Range
- Number of Bedrooms
- Do They Take Pets
- Square feet
- How many bedrooms
- How many bathrooms
- Amenities that are important
- Amenities that are nice to have
- Amenities not necessary to have
- Location
- Other items

Questions to Ask:

- How much is the security deposit?
- How much are the application fees?
- What is the pet deposit?
- Are there any other deposits? How much are they?
- How much money do I need to pay now?
- Are you willing to work with the fees? If so what?
- Do you take housing?
- What Amenities does this place offer?
- Do you pay water, sewer, and garbage?
- Do you offer any special discounts?
- Are there pets allowed?
- What kind of pets can I have?
- What are your main rules and policies?
- What is the parking like?
- What is your policy on late rent payments? Are there any additional fees?
- What is the policy when I leave?
- What are the hours for the office and who do I contact for maintenance requests?
- When I move in can I move some boxes beforehand?
- Is there anything else I should know about?
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