You Do Not Realize

You do not realize,
You do not see,
You think it doesn’t hurt,
You think it doesn’t mean a thing,
But you are wrong,
You do not see,
You cannot realize,
Because you don’t truly look,
Truly look inside of me,
By not saying words,
By not showing certain actions,
By not showing the affection,
You do not realize,
You do not see,
You don’t realize every day,
Every moment,
I wear a mask,
Hide the emotions,
Just try to smile,
There is sometimes genuine laughter,
But what I wouldn’t give,
What I would cherish forever,
Is just a simple I love you,
Just a simple moment,
To not always tease,
To just tell me how proud you are,
Proud you are of me,
To give me a compliment,
To make me feel special,
To make me feel not defeated,
You do not realize,
You do not see,
You feel that do not hurt,
But you don’t see the non verbal,
The body language,
The longing,
The wanting,
Instead you shut me down,
I feel I should not even say,
Say a thing,
You do not realize,
You don’t really see,
You cannot see the truth,
The truth that is inside,
The truth that lies,
Lies inside my heart,
Lies inside my soul,
Will you break that chain?
Break that wall?
Or will you just stand there,
Not seeing,
As you haven’t seen before,
And let me walk,
Walk away,
Losing the chance,
Losing me,
Losing everything,
That is by you,
Because you will not look,
You will not glance,
You will not try,
To see the heart,
The emotions,
Every single thing,
That is inside of me.
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