He Waits

There he sits watching,
Until she stops to see,
Until she takes a moment and look,
Until the very breathe of the end,
There he sits watching,
Waiting for her to see him,
Waiting for her to notice,
Waiting for her,
This is his purpose,
This is his duty,
This is his life breathe,
He will sit and watch,
Sit and wait,
Sit and listen,
Sit and call,
Because he’s been waiting,
He’s been searching,
He’s been looking,
He wants to hold her,
He wants to love her,
He wants so much,
To wipe away the very last tear,
But when you cry those tears,
Of hardship,
And rain,
Sometimes it is hard to see past,
To the depth of tomorrow,
He doesn’t budge,
He continues to wait,
He holds onto to her,
She is his life,
She is his reason,
She is his everything,
But there are times,
She doesn’t see,
And she walks away,
Time and time again,
But yet he waits,
He watches,
He hopes,
He dreams,
He stands,
He seeks,
To find the way into her heart,
Then he stops,
Then he freezes in his tracks,
Could it be?
Could it be true?
Could this finally be the moment?
She looks at him,
Looks into his eyes,
Looks into his heart,
Looks into his soul,
She smiles,
He melts,
She extends her hand,
He takes it into his own,
And they turn to each other,
Say the words,
Bind together,
Love forever,
And he knows,
That all the waiting is over,
All the waiting is complete,
Because two just became one,
And they smile,
They embrace,
And love’s true story is cast,
From that I do.
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