Midnight Is

Midnight is when my mind clears,
My brain wakes,
My fingers type,
Wanting to type those lines,
Those words,
That dream,
That hope,
That lies within,
But caught on that moment,
That time,
Caught on yet another day,
Of unrest,
Of storms,
Of a day without,
Without the time,
Without the energy,
Without the capacity,
To keep on writing,
Writing those lines,
That hope,
That belief,
That joy,
Because you been working,
Working so hard,
To have that time,
Midnight is when I last speak,
Until the next day to my fiancé,
To just even look into his eyes,
As we talk,
Just wanting to be near,
Waiting as each day passes,
Knowing the day is drawing near,
To being by his side,
Being with him,
Forever more,
Midnight is that sacred moment,
When one day turns to the next,
When everything of the yesterday,
Becomes a memory,
Becomes the past,
Yet still fresh in your mind,
And your heart,
And your heart turns,
And your heart grows,
Love every single time,
And as you stand there,
Between the moment of last,
To the next,
You hold onto that midnight,
With a quick wish,
And a secret joy,
To the depth of everlasting,
To the beauty of love,
In your eyes.
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