There Are Those Moments

There are those moments,
Those moments that seems to last forever,
The type that stretches across,
Across through one light to the next,
From one dream to another,
Making everything feel surreal,
As you stand,
As you feel,
As you close your eyes,
As if to try to feel,
The moment from this one,
And the moment before,
As everything falls into place,
In that moment,
That moment that seemed so fuzzy,
Yet so true and clear,
There are those moments,
Those moments that is etched into the very depth,
Very depth of your being,
Where you feel them at the harder times,
Where you feel them at your most difficult times,
Where you feel them as if to say,
Just keep on holding on,
Just keep on going,
This is not the end yet,
There is still another moment to be had,
There is still another life that needs,
Needs those words,
Need that moment,
You feel inside of your heart,
And of your soul,
There are those moments,
The moments where you feel,
That you truly cannot go on,
Yet something inside of you wakens,
Yet something that isn’t your own,
Reaches out to you,
Reaches out with faith,
Reaches out with hope,
Reaches out with a reminder,
That the day is still not done yet,
That this is not the time,
The time to give up yet,
So you breathe,
So you take in that moment,
You stand there as if for hours,
But yet simply just a few moments,
And you reach out,
You reach to the sky,
You look up for that strength,
You bend a knee and pray,
And you stand there again,
You close your eyes,
And take in that moment,
And you go on,
As there are those moments,
When nothing else seems to work,
And you remember the need for strength,
Is not found truly within,
That it has been given to you,
Given to you freely by His grace,
And you lean on Him,
Than face that world,
Focusing on Him,
Knowing that He is there,
To stand by you,
Through that moment,
And the next,
Until you go home.
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