The Best Thing To Collect

The best thing to collect,
Are things that mean the most in life,
Friends who are truly there for you,
And not a part of a number,
A love that means the world to you,
And is there for you every step of the way,
Who supports you in everything,
Who stands by you,
And loves you every step of the way,
Dreams to believe in,
That keeps you working,
Hard every single day,
Days of happiness,
To give balance to the hardship,
That we all go through in life,
Moments of gladness,
Of celebration,
To remember that life is filled,
With joy,
And everything in the skies,
The best thing to collect,
Are things that are beyond measurement,
That cannot be measured by amounts,
Or be given a value,
That is truly priceless,
In a person’s life,
In the wellbeing,
In things that cannot always be understood,
How a collection of smiles,
Of laughter,
Of joy,
Of a look that is given,
Of a moment of pure bliss,
Of a moment of pure love,
Can bring a collection,
That is more than just material things,
That is something beyond a single moment,
A single time,
That lasts within the heart,
Of the person it adds to,
The best thing to collect,
Are those things that mean more,
Than any small words can ever add,
That any small words could truly show,
How a collection of these things,
Can give addition to life,
That is beautiful,
And true,
To add to the beauty,
Of life in the glory,
Of the happiness,
Of being in Him.
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