Deep In The Jungle

Deep in the jungle of my mind,

Deep in those places that it hides,

Thoughts of the past still remain,

Even though I been trying,

To break free from the hurt,

Sometimes it is hard,

And I am still there,

Remembering everything,

Hurting all over again,

Leave from me past,

Haunt me no longer,

Life is different,

Love is now true,

Hope is beautiful,

These tears are not needed any longer,

Deep in this jungle of my mind,

Deep in those corners that it hides,

Tears that I no longer want,

Leave from me now,

Leave me forever,

I do not need you here,

I do not want you here,

You are just painful,


Sorrowful memories,

Deep in the jungle of my mind,

Deep in those places it tries to hide,

Tears that have threaten to come,



Get out of my mind,

Get out of my life,

This is not what I feel anymore,

No more feeling second best,

No more feeling neglect,

No more feeling hurt,

No more feeling pain,

No more wanting to cry out,

To get someone to listen,

Those days are past,

That time has been,

Now it is time to burn that forest,

Of the pain,


And anguish,

Those jungles these emotions come from,

That has lived,

And thrived,

No longer do I need you,

No longer will you control me,



Or anything in between,

This jungle now burns,

Burns down,

Until it is clear,

And the truth is able to take root,

Building something new,

Something beautiful,

A better place,

Now that I have him,

In my life.

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