The Next Rainy Day

On the next rainy day,

As the rain falls upon the window pane,

I will lie in your arms,

Hold you close to me,

Not care how much time passes,

Just being there with you,

Nothing else matters,

Just the two of us,

The oneness that we share,

The rain keeps on falling,

I hear the melody in the distance,

Within my ears,

But I hear your breathing,

As you lay there,

And I lay with you,

Holding you closer,

Breathing in deeper,

As the caresses slowly grow,

We smile,

We glow,

We enjoy,

We love,

The next rainy day,

Let everything else disappear,

Let everything else fade away,

Nothing else matters,

Nothing else can touch this,

Nothing else can come to this place,

Of where you and I dwell,

We will lie there together,

Letting the time slip on,

Not having a care in the world,

Because no matter the time,

No matter the day,

No matter what goes on,

This truth is still the same,

That on that next rainy day,

And the next sunny one too,

That you will find us,

Just like this,

In this oneness that we share,

Until the end of our time,

Because we are one,

We are love,

We are beauty,

We are forever,

In the dreams,

In the reality,

And everything in between,

Because we are one,

From now until forever.

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