Sort Of Wonderful

Sort of wonderful,

How life ends up in a place you did not expect,

But found to enjoy anyway,

Sort of wonderful,

When you wanted to give up on everything,

That you find something to pour your heart to,

That you find the answer to that prayer,

After looking even deeper inside,

Finding that there was an answer all along,

Sort of wonderful how,

Sometimes life leads you through many trials,

But then yet gives you blessing beyond your imagination,

It is just sort of wonderful,

And beautiful,

Just how life sometimes throws you lemons,

And you find the ability to go beyond,

What anyone could have thought you could,

It is sort of wonderful,

When you can prove people wrong,

When you show them you believe in yourself,

That you won’t listen to the put downs,

Of those that try to harm you on your way,

On your way to glory,

And the true path to take,

It is sort of wonderful,

When you find a person,

Who shares these moments,

That stands with you every day,

Every moment,

Through that darkness,

And that beauty,

Sort of wonderful,

When you find that true happiness,

That you know was meant for you,

And the beauty of that happiness,

And the person to share it with,

And growing in love every day,

It is sort of wonderful,

How it all works together,

In that glory of love.

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