Against All Odds

Against all odds love found me,

Against all odds love called out to me,

Against all odds hope came to rescue me,

Against all odds beauty became reality,

Against all odds reality came from a dream,

Against all odds you came to me,

Healing me from everything in my past,

Bringing me to a new future,

Bringing me to Him,

Bringing you into my heart,

Where I rest every day,

Where I lay my troubles,

Where I can just be held,

Held into his arms,

Feel the security,

The love in the embrace,

Where dreams and reality are one,

Against all odds love found me,

When I was lost,


And wondering,

When I thought the love I seek,

Was ever going to be found,

If the love I felt in my heart,

Would ever be fully shared with another,

I caught many glimpses,

But it seemed to be eluded from me,

It seems farther than I could ever reach,

But against all odds it found me,

And changed every part of my life,

All the love I ever felt could not compare,

To the daily love given freely,

Against all odds he came to me,

Made me his wife,

Blessed me forever more,

And I am always at home,

In his arms.

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