The Message Of Christmas

The beauty of Christmas is near,

Will you be the one to have no fear?

Will you remember the true meaning of the season?

Will you think of others during this time?

Do you stop for a moment?

Do you recall the truth?

Behind this season?

Behind this time of the year?

Instead of keep on buying things,

When you have enough,

Why not give some of your time,

Your money,

Your talents,

To those who are in need,

Give them hope,

Give them some peace,

Give them just some light,

During this time of the year,

The wonder of Christmas is near,

Are you going to be showing love?

Love to your fellow man?

Your fellow neighbor?

Will you give someone a smile?

Just to show you know they exist?

Will you tell them to have a wonderful Christmas?

Will you stop just for a while?

This cannot wait,

This message,

This hope,

This need,

Stop trying to store treasures here on earth,

Material things can come,

And they can go,

What should matter more,

What you should put your energy to,

Is how can you be unselfish,

Especially this time of the year,

The message is urgent,

The time is coming near,

Where we will all give a count,

This is not going to wait,

For another time,

For another day,

For another moment,

Take a moment,



Bow the knee,

Forget about those other things,

Take this time of the year,

For what it should be for,

To share about His love,

To share about His glory,

And not for the next material thing,

Material things can come and go,

And instead of worrying about possessions,

On what you can buy and own,

This Christmas make a true difference,

In the life of someone else.

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