Let Me Go

Let me go,
Let me leave,
Break the hold,
Break what you have left,
Left inside my heart,
Left inside my soul,
Left here in me,
I thought I was over,
Over all of you,
But I have been dreaming,
I have been remembering,
I have been thinking,
A bit about you,
But why now,
I am not sure,
All I need,
Is for you to let me go,
I feel there is still a hold,
A hold on me,
Even though you are with,
With another,
But I feel you in my thoughts,
I feel you in my head,
I feel you in my mind,
Even sometimes feel you holding me,
But I try to break,
Try to break away,
My life is different now,
My life has changed,
I am not that person,
That person you once knew,
There are parts of me the same,
But so much has changed,
So let me go,
Let go that last hold,
That last whatever you feel you claim,
Release it now,
Release it let me move on,
Let me move on fully,
I don’t want to feel that shadow,
That shadow around me,
Feeling as if,
You are watching me,
Watching my movements,
The way you did before,
When you were with me,
But you let me go,
Let me leave,
But I still feel a part,
A part of you here,
So let me go,
Let me have the peace,
Let me feel the love,
Love full and true,
From someone who can truly,
Truly love me,
Love me with everything I am,
Let me go,
Don’t just hide in the shadows,
Don’t just pretend,
I remember how you are,
I remember how you kept on me,
But now it is the time,
Let me go,
Let me leave once,
Once and for all,
Let me find that peace,
That release,
If you aren’t going to be here,
Than let me go,
Let me go
Completely this time.
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