It Burns

It burns,
It screams,
The emotions,
The pain,
The everything,
The darkness,
The hardship,
I fill my days with everything,
Everything to keep my mind,
To keep my mind from thinking,
From focusing,
From doing anything,
That causes me to feel the pain,
Feel the pain,
Feel the emotions,
Feel the rain,
Just keep on wearing,
Wearing that mask,
Wearing it so no one sees,
No one notices,
The pain,
The hurt,
The depression,
That lurks within,
I try to be strong,
I try to keep it going,
I try to just forget it all,
Forget the pain,
Forget the hurt,
Forget the rain,
Forget it all,
Focus on the next task,
And the task after that,
Make everyone think,
Everyone believe,
That everything is fine,
Everything is wonderful,
That everything is perfect,
It burns,
It burns hard,
It burns bright,
It burns every day,
And every single night,
But I cannot let it go,
Cannot let it be,
I just want release,
I just want to feel,
Feel something more,
Feel something deeper,
Deeper than this,
But until it comes,
Until he comes,
Until he lifts off that mask,
Wipes those tears,
Kisses everything away,
It will burn,
Burn again,
And again,
Until the moment,
He kisses it all away.
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