What If We Believed

What if we believed?
What if we realized?
What if we noticed?
What if we just gave a moment?
To truly look into our life?
To truly look at the moment,
The moment that passes through us,
And the light that shines,
The joy of beauty,
The heart of joy,
That flows through our ever most soul?
What if we believed?
Believed that there is still goodness,
Through this world of hurt,
And strife,
Raise above,
Look beyond today,
Look beyond the now,
Look beyond ourselves,
Look into the eyes,
The eyes of those around us,
Realized that even sometimes a simple task,
A simple smile,
A simple gesture,
Can make a world of difference?
To put aside the hurt,
The hardship,
The pains,
The strife,
The agony of ourselves,
And truly give all of what we have,
What our gifts are,
What love we can pour,
To those that need it the most,
We will know,
We will see,
That the what if,
The belief,
The hope,
The truth of it all,
Can come true,
And isn’t that worth it?
Worth it in the end?
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