My Easiest Decision

Loving you,
Knowing you are the one,
Knowing that you are the one,
I want to be with,
Choose to believe in,
Choose to love every single day,
Choose to give everything,
That I have within my life,
To hand my trust into your hands,
Has always been the easiest decision,
Has always been the easiest thought,
Because you pulled toward me,
As destined,
As given to me,
Through a wonderful gift,
Through a wonderful dream,
Through a wonderful promise,
Of truth,
Of love,
Of hope,
Of joy,
Being yours,
Being by your side,
Being the one you can count on,
Being the one you can love,
Being the one you can trust,
Being the one you see beside you,
Forever for eternity,
Has always been the easiest decision
Believing in you,
Believing in your hopes,
In your dreams,
In the way you smiled,
The way you smiled at me,
The way I could see,
Everything within your heart,
Within your soul,
Your love for those around you,
Your love for God,
Your love for so much,
Gave me all I needed,
Gave me all I craved,
Gave me everything that was an answer,
To a long lost prayer,
I prayed so much before I met you,
I prayed for Him to bring someone to me,
I thought it would never be,
But then you came into my life,
And the decision was made,
And I never looked back,
Because you are the best thing,
The best thing in my life,
And I love you with all my heart,
And I love you with everything I have,
And that has always been the easiest decision,
To love you,
To care for you,
To want the best for you,
To stand beside you,
For the rest of my life.
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