Your Dream Will Come True

Your dream will come true
When you least expect it,
Faith will hold you up,
When all you want to do is cry,
Love will flow through,
Drenching every part,
Of your being,
Your heart,
Your soul,
The depth of your emotions,
The depth of your dreams,
The depth of every fiber,
Of everything,
Your dream will come true,
When you least expect it,
When you are not looking,
Or paying attention,
It will be part of the depth,
Of the moment that comes,
When everything seems to align,
In a perfect way,
When your heart skips a beat,
When joy over takes your very soul,
When laughter is within your eyes,
And nothing else can even compare,
To that moment,
To the time where everything slows down,
To where you can see clearer,
Than you could ever before,
Than you could ever imagine,
Than you could ever believe,
Your dream will come true,
When you least expect it,
When nothing else seems to go right,
When the hardship seems to never end,
The bright light will shine,
The bright sun will warm the depth,
Of the very corners of your heart,
Bringing back the faith,
Bringing back the hope,
Bringing back that moment,
Of true love,
Giving that freedom of love,
To come to you again,
Your dream will come true,
When you least expect it,
Don’t lose out the hope,
Don’t lose out the faith,
Don’t lose out the dreams,
Don’t lose out the belief,
That it is still there in your heart,
And soul,
That all it takes is a moment,
To bring it forth again,
And to make that dream,
That deepest desire,
True forever more.
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