Trust In God

Pain and memories of past,
Let go feel the embrace,
Let Him into your heart,
Take it in and breathe,
Let it into that depth,
To the very last pain and hurt,
Cry about those struggles,
And the hurt,
And then let Him heal,
There is no moment,
There is no hardship,
There is no hurt,
That cannot be given,
That cannot be prayed for,
That cannot have peace,
There is no darkness,
There is no hurt,
There is no depth,
That He would turn away from,
He hears our cries,
He hears our hurt,
He hears when our hearts,
Don’t want to beat anymore,
When everything seems dark,
When everything seems lost,
When everything seems that there is no hope,
That faith is fully lost,
That there is no light,
There is no peace,
There seems to be nothing,
Nothing but this darkness,
But fear not!
Do not lose hope,
Get down to your knees,
Put your hands to the sky,
Praise even while hurting,
Believe even when everything seems gray,
Know that He is still there,
If you will turn to Him,
Or you will turn away,
Open up your heart,
Through the darkness,
Through this moment,
Through this pain,
And pray,
Pray for Him,
Pray for His strength,
Pray for His guidance,
And let it go,
Let go all those hardships,
All that pain,
All that hurt,
And believe,
Believe in Him,
Believe in His strength,
And become whole.
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