Rain drops fall,
Dark skies in the horizon,
Dew drops come onto the flowers,
Flowers bloom,
The world awakes,
As things become new again,
Birds come out,
Singing their song,
As everything starts anew,
It’s a beautiful spring day,
The wind blows through the air,
Lifting up the smells of the fresh rain,
That falls upon the trees,
The flowers,
The creeks,
The rivers,
The waters flow,
Rain drops fall,
The animals come out,
From the darkness,
Feeling life anew,
Within the world,
And the rain drops fall,
Bringing life,
Bringing hope,
Bringing joy,
To those needing a renewal,
From the cold winter,
From the cold snow,
From the cold darkness,
And the rain falls,
Falls down upon the world,
Bringing renewal,
Bringing faith,
Bringing hope,
Bringing a chance,
A chance to believe again,
And the rain falls,
Bringing the spring,
Bringing the new beginning,
Bringing the hope,
That so many have lost,
Within the cold,
Within the winter,
Within the hurt,
From the past,
And the rain falls,
Falls to you,
Falls to me,
Reminding us that we,
All need a new start,
All need a new beginning,
All need a new hope,
Every now and then.
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