I Want To Escape

I want to escape,
Want to go where we can be free,
Go where it is you and me,
Nothing else but us,
Not have to worry,
Not have to think,
Just be,
Holding each other,
Loving every moment,
Looking into each other’s eyes,
All there is with you and me,
I want to escape,
I want to be there,
Just with you,
Holding you,
Looking into your eyes,
Knowing how wonderful,
Life is,
I just want to escape,
Just leave everything else,
Just have you and me,
Without any distractions,
Without having to worry,
Without having to think of time,
Without having to leave each other’s side,
I just want to escape,
Just want to be with you,
And hold you tight,
Every moment,
Every second,
Every minute,
That I can,
And escape to the place,
Of being,
Of being with you,
Of being with you and me.
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