Listen To My Heart Beat

Listen to my heart beat,
Listen as it makes the sound,
Listen to the rhythm,
Is it very loud?
Does it tell you?
Can you hear?
Every single thought,
Every single dream,
Every single moment,
Every single part,
Loves you,
Cherishes you,
Believes in you,
Has faith in you,
Listen to my heart beat,
Hear the sound,
Can you feel it now?
Can you hear it now?
Do you see everything?
Within this heart of mine?
Listen to my heart beat,
Listen my dear,
Know that this feeling,
This emotion,
Will never change,
As I make this promise,
Make this vow,
Give my heart to you,
Hold you within my hands,
Care for you with all my might,
My strength,
My hopes,
My dreams,
With every trust,
I give to you my darling,
As we both trust in God,
So listen to my heart,
Be soothed by this,
This pledge,
This heart,
These words,
I love you my darling,
You can hear it in my voice,
See it in my eyes,
Hear it,
Hear it in my heart,
As you listen to,
Listen to my heart beat,
Beat for you.
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