First Thing In The Morning

First thing in the morning,
As I open my eyes,
I think about you,
Looking forward to,
Seeing you that day,
Or talking to you on the phone,
Or talking online,
Looking forward to that morning,
When you and I will be together,
And I get to open those eyes,
Look at you,
See your face,
Stare into those brown eyes,
And know we are finally,
Husband and wife,
First thing in the morning,
I pray to Him,
Speaking the words in my heart,
And in my soul,
Thanking Him for bring you,
Into my life,
Into my heart,
Bringing us together,
First thing in the morning,
I think about the day,
That is coming soon,
Where we will be joined,
To become one,
In front of our family,
In front of our friends,
In front of God,
And all that love us,
And care for us,
First thing in the morning,
I think about you,
Loving you,
Missing you,
Until the day comes,
When you and I,
Become husband and wife,
And I can than wake up,
In that morning,
Knowing I am your wife,
And you my husband,
And that we have been put together,
By God,
By His holy spirit,
Bringing what we needed to each other,
And thank Him,
And praise Him,
And trust Him,
Keeping Him the center,
Each and every day,
And by doing that,
First thing in the morning,
I will wake up happy,
Knowing God is good,
Knowing God is faithful,
Even through our trials we will have,
Even through the good times we will have,
Because we have each other,
Thanks to Him.
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