White Fluffy Clouds

White fluffy clouds,

Stretched across the sky,

Reaching out to all the sides,

The sky seems so endless,

Where there is no beginning,

Or end,

Where all there is the vastness,

Of the world around,

Lost in the moment,

Looking at the wonder,

As the white fluffy clouds,

Roll slowly across the sky,

White fluffy clouds do not care,

What is going on in the world below,

They just roll across the sky,

Not knowing how much time has passed,

Or what matters to us,

They keep on rolling right above us,

Time is endless,

Time flies for the clouds,

Because time means nothing,

To something that lasts,

Day upon day,

Moment upon moment,

Century upon century,

White fluffy clouds,

Stretched across the sky,

We can look up at the vastness,

Wonder with beauty,

Wonder with delight,

Wonder with the depth of our being,

What wonderful sights we see every day,

But do we truly take notice?

Do we truly try to even understand?

For just a moment?

For just a second?

Do we look up?

Do we look around?

Do we realize the beauty?

Of the vastness around us?

Or are we too busy?

To see how white fluffy clouds,

Stretch across the sky,

Rolling through,

The sky of our world,

Above us high,

Take a moment now,

And be thankful for the little things,

All around us every day.

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