Rushing water,

Rushing stream,

Rushing tides,

Rushing here,

Rushing there,

Water flowing,

Water coming down,

Toward the bottom,

Of this place,

White waves,





Rushing just as many of us,

Rush through our lives,

Day by day,

Not taking time,

Not taking a moment,

To just stop every now,

And then,

To look at things around us,

Even the rushing of water,

Rushing through the rocks,

The stones,

And everything around,

Its sole purpose,

It’s only goal,

Is to continue this flow,

This process,

This part of nature,

Because that is what it does,


Rush through the stones,

The rocks,

And everything else,

Flowing the flow of nature,

Of its path,

Going to give substance,

To all in its path,


Rushing water,

Rushing just like life,

Seems to rush around us,

Some of us choose it,

Some of us feel it chooses us,

But we all make a choice every day,

To take that approach,

To take that path,

To go down that way,

To rush through life,

Without stopping,

Every now and then,

Stop our rushing,

Even for a moment,

Just to take a look around,

And be grateful for what you have.

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