Just a lonely thistle,

Out in the field,

At least the only one in bloom,

Here among the others,

Light purple flower,

Budding upon it,

Opened up to the world,

Letting the light shine in,

Letting the rain nourish it,

Just a lonely thistle,

In the big world of nature,

Just trying to give some beauty,

To the nature around,

Showing that beauty,

Comes in many different forms,

That it isn’t always in the forms we might imagine,

Sometimes we have to look harder,

Or look differently with our eyes,

This thistle can teach us many things,

About the life around us,

About not judging something,

By just one look,

And to look deeper within,

Lonely thistle,

Thank you for this moment,

And the reminder,

That sometimes we all need,

To look deeper,

To look within,

To look at other things,

Than just physical beauty,

And when we look around,

Look deep in someone’s heart,

We can see a beauty,

Much like the thistle,

Which will bloom,

When someone takes notice,

And pays some attention,

To the true person within.

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