Her Story

This is her story,

This is her dream,

This is the mystery of life,

Quite unseen,

Many people try to understand,

But so many people cannot comprehend,

They keep telling her to give up,

And she keeps on telling them no,

Forces keep trying to work against her,

But she won’t be sold out,

She has Him on her side,

Through this battle of life and hardships,

She knows that sometimes life won’t always be,

A bed of roses,

And that there are many hardships along the way,

She knows that there will be struggles,

There will be strife,

But she will keep on continuing along her way,

Because she will keep following Him,

Following the path,

That He has placed,

This is her story,

This is her hope,

This is her love for Him,

She believes in the faith of His will,

And that He will continue to direct her way,

And will hold her when all seems to crumble,

Along the way,

She wants to be more like Him,

Every single step of the way,

In whatever way that He wants her to go,

She waits on Him,

She takes the peace of His love,

She takes the grace He has given,

To help her through this journey,

And through her story,

Of her life,

She takes the love He has given her,

Through His Son,

And the husband He blessed her,

This is her story,

A story of a believer,

A believer who keeps on going,

Despite the hardships through life,

Because she knows she lies,

Within His hands.

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