I Take It In Stride

I cough and my lungs ache but I take it in stride,

I know that my strength is weak but God’s strength is strong,

So I take it in stride,

I wish I could worry about weight to lose,

A job to work,

A day without worry,

A day without thinking of my health,

But I still take it in stride,

I think about the others, who hurt as well,

That has to take their days in stride,

The ones that have disabilities,

The ones with illnesses you cannot see,

The ones that have been judged over and over,

By things they cannot help or even understand themselves,

We give our strong hope,

Our strong desire,

Our strong love,

Our strong friendship to others,

Knowing they share our journey,

Even if the path maybe different,

We smile the smiles when we rather cry,

We put on brave faces when we rather have someone hold us,

We put on whatever we need to focus on the positive,

And to take it in stride,

There are people around you,

That you may not even know,


Needing prayers,

Needing encouragement,

Needing understanding,

Needing just someone to talk to,

Someone to understand,

I walk through this world,

With hardships that have been dealt to me,

But thanks to God for the strength He gives me every day,

But thanks to my husband that supports me,

And loves me along the way,

But thanks to the wonderful family and friends,

That cares about me and knows my burdens,

I can walk through this life,

And take it in stride.

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