Junction In Life

I have come to a junction in my life where,
I do not care about what I have,
And what I do not have,
That I count my blessing,
And the joys that I have received,
That I count the gratefulness I have been given,
For the life that I have around me,
I have decided to no longer look down my life,
With hurt and anger,
Sure there will be periods of my life,
Of frustration and strife,
But I will work every day,
Every moment,
Every breathe I have that I can breathe,
Every time I can type the words onto the screen,
I want to keep on writing until I can’t,
I want to keep on touching lives,
Until I can no longer,
Even if I can’t maybe carry the dreams I might have had,
I can find a new meaning,
A new purpose,
Because I refuse to just give up,
I have been told many times in my life,
That I could not,
Cannot do certain things,
And even if I cannot do many things anymore,
I will keep on writing the words,
Sharing the hope,
Through the modes that I can,
Maybe not everyone will understand,
And maybe not everyone will notice,
But I will always take a stand,
And I will always take a moment,
And I will always remember this,
That there are others out there,
In pain,
In strife,
Needing encouraging,
Needing strength,
Needing words of encouragement,
Needing the words I paint,
Needing Him,
As much as I needed Him,
Needing the words,
Needing to find the way,
May it come to the moment now,
In this place in my life,
That I focus always on those I can give,
Those I can help and inspire,
Those that walk along the path,
Those that walk along the same as me,
Needing to know that they have blessings,
That they have a purpose,
Despite the limitations,
And that it all is meant for something,
In the end.
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