Suspicious Minds

Judging one’s emotions and heart,

Is not an easy process,

Is not something to take for granted,

Is not something to take with ease,

The mind can be suspicious of the heart,

And the heart suspicious of the mind,

Judging your motives,

Thinking I knew how you felt,

Feeling the pressure all around me,

The minds suspicious all around,

The hurt kept on stabbing,

The pain ever growing,

The wound would not end,

And I was lost,

And would not be found for many years,

I judged and lost my trust,

Long before the end came through,

My mind was suspicious around every part of me,

I wanted to be too much part of my crowd,

I did not always want to listen,

I rather listened to them,

Or to anything that promised something else,

Apologize I do now for the suspicious mind I had,

Life has changed since then,

Judging I have done so much in life,

Now I see the error in that judgment,

Many relationships can be ruined,

Hurts can be thrown so easily,

By suspicious minds and judgment,

When we do not look fully,

When we do not ask the questions,
When we refuse to look outside,

When we forget that we might not know everything,

That is a person’s heart,

Or a person’s motive,

Suspicious minds can cost,

Cost more than it is worth,

Cost more than it is needed,

Cost more than one could ever gain,

By having suspicious minds,

Instead of judging,

Instead of hurting,

Instead of causing the pain,

If we just take a moment,

Listen more,

Speak less,

Ask more questions,

Put yourself in their shoes,

And perhaps the ruin of suspicious minds,

Will pass you.

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