This or That

We live in a world that it seems to be stuck,

In a life of this or that,

In what is better and what is right,

In what is real and what is fake,

In what is true and what is false,

But sometimes we put too much pressure on our lives,

We take the times of black or white,

Instead of looking within the grey,

We seem to forget to look within,

We seem to look too much outside,

Instead of getting to know what lies within,

We judge people by the looks they carry,

Instead of the personality and character that they bring,

Instead of the gifts and love they may have within,

Instead of the hurts and burdens they may carry within,

It is time for us to stop,

To stop always looking at this or that,

We need to stand up for people,

Who need encouraging and strength,

We need to look outside of ourselves,

Instead of our own selfish needs and desires,

We need to regain the truth and lose the supposed facts,

We need to lose what we may look outside,

And look within someone for a change,

This life does not always have to be this or that,

We don’t have to live our life this way,

We can build each other up,

Instead of tearing one another down,

We can build and edify,

Instead of trying to put someone in boxes,

That no one can truly fit,

Instead of forcing physical standards that shouldn’t matter,

We should look instead within,

And care about the person,

And how they can help others around them,

Instead of caring about how much money we have,

We should care about how much value we place toward others,

What we do to impact others around us,

Because life is not a this or that in these means,

Life is something that shouldn’t be caught up,

In those trivial matters,

Life should be filled with moments,

Of helping others less fortunate,

And treating others in love.

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