Whenever We

Whenever we try to build something together,

Whenever we decide to build up each other,

By even simple acts of kindness to another,

Showing love in simple ways,

By a smile on our faces,

By a simple hello to others,

By sharing words that can edify,


Give hope,

Bring a smile,

To someone who has felt lost,

To someone who has felt sadness,

To someone who is hurting,

Can we at least try?

Whenever we take back the hurt,

Take back the pain,

Take back the grief,

Take back everything that has robbed us,

Robbed us of the joy,

Robbed us of the freedom,

Robbed us of the blessings,

Robbed us of the happiness,

That we can now receive,

When we stand together in love,

Whenever we decide to give ourselves,

Whenever we put it together,

Whenever we give joy to others,

We find more strength,

We find more beauty,

We find more joy,

We find more love,

Than we could ever imagine,

Than we could ever believe,

Than we could ever dream,

It will overflow,

Making our world better,


Filled with the love,

That is desired,

Whenever we make the peace,

Decide to not pass judgment,

And just love one another,

We build into the true life plan,

And build our treasure,

To the heavens above,

By filling it with more people,

That has come together,

In true love.

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