Chicken Noodle Soup

Can I have some chicken noodle soup please?
Could I have some I am not feeling well,
The soothing broth just makes one well,
With the crackers you break on the top,
And eating a whole bag along with,
It’s a flavor that everyone seems to love,
I love it no matter if I am sick or well,
I don’t have to have a stomach ache,
Or a heartbreak,
To have mom’s famous homemade soup,
Or Campbell’s can that is condensed,
It doesn’t matter to me in what form it comes from,
I just desire it this moment,
I need to have it now,
To soothe this body of mine,
There is just a deep need of mine,
For these days have been rough,
These days have been weary,
And these days have been not with comfort,
So please give me some chicken noodle soup please,
So I may soothe my worries with that broth,
The one that is well known and loved,
The one that seems to cure a cold,
Chases away a stomach ache,
And soothes a trouble soul,
And gives a worry mind,
A comfort when hardships seem many,
And life is full with more lemons,
Than lemonade.
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