I Am A Fighter

Through my life they have judged me,
They have criticized me,
They have said I couldn’t do it,
Wouldn’t be able to do it,
Couldn’t stand a chance,
They didn’t think I could amount to much,
Called me names,
Said hurtful things and yet I fought,
I was a fighter before knowing the meaning of the words,
I was a fighter before knowing what it would involve,
I was a fighter before I knew what was before me,
Elementary school was tough started through the journey there,
Was in special education because,
Of something I was born with,
A speech problem that no one can usually hear now,
And a hand issue that has now caused my farther ones now,
But I started the fight than,
Worked my way through,
Got out of those classes,
Even almost skipped a grade,
The judging didn’t stop there,
Even with a newer school,
I was a curvy child,
But I stood tall,
Didn’t let the words hurt me than,
As I don’t let them hurt me now,
Years went on and the judging kept on going,
Soon I discovered my craft,
Used the words to express my emotions,
My thoughts,
My dreams,
Felt a sense of worth,
And felt admiration through teachers,
Even though judging kept on happening,
Once I was diagnosed with asthma,
And people who did not understand,
Through the years I became a strong fighter,
I fought the battles as they came,
Emotions that could have left scars,
Emotions that could have cut deep,
Emotions that could have caused an end to others,
And yet people still don’t understand,
Judgments I might still fight,
Words I still hear ringing into my ears,
But I will still keep on going,
I will still keep on believing,
Because I am a fighter,
I was a fighter from the moment life put me on that path,
I was a fighter before knowing what being a fighter was,
And I am a fighter because I stand for others,
I encourage others,
And I believe in others,
And I believe in supporting others,
And bringing awareness of health issues people do not understand,
And it is for these reasons I am a fighter,
I am a fighter to the end,
For not only myself as I was when I was young,
When I was judged by myself,
I am a fighter for many that are judged by many,
For whom they are by their health issues,
That people cannot fully understand.
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