Something Beautiful

Something beautiful comes to you when you least expect,
Something beautiful comes to you when you humble truly,
Something beautiful wraps itself around me every day,
Whenever you are around me,
Whenever you hold me close,
Whenever you smile at me,
Whenever you put your arm around me,
Whenever you just be,
All I have to do is be by your side,
Look into your eyes,
And I see that something beautiful,
That strength of the two of us,
The love that flows between us,
The dreams that tie us together,
The forever that we promised,
Something beautiful comes when you dream with truth,
Something beautiful comes when you hope with everything,
That you put forth to the tomorrow’s that will come,
Even if the tomorrow’s are only a few,
Something beautiful comes,
When you stand by the one person,
That is meant for you to the end of the days,
When I first saw you,
When I stood looking at you,
I knew from the first moment,
That something beautiful was coming into my life,
Something beautiful was changing my life,
Something beautiful is in my life,
And I am always grateful,
Because I love you my darling,
And I am grateful for the day,
That something wonderful,
Something lovely,
Something beautiful,
Has come into my life,
Because you are in it.
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