Thank You To My Supporters

I wanted to post this here on my writing blog as well because even though this is a thank you for those that supported me getting my Master's Degree in Business Management I felt it was something I wanted to share here as well.

What a long trip it has been and I am not just talking about the extended length it ended up being for my Master's degree.  Although there are not many that have known me for several years outside of my mom the closest is Adam who has known me for almost 15 years has still heard many different stories of the struggles and fights I went through in my life to get to this moment and to get to this point in my life.  From the days of my childhood being in Special Education due to my Motor Skill problem and my speech problem to now finishing my Master's degree even I couldn't have told you all I would have done and fought for to just get to this point in my life.  I am so very grateful for so many people that are now in my life even those that haven't been in my life long because they honestly and fully care, support,  are emotionally invested, and fully believe in myself even in the times I didn't know if I could make it myself.

In grade school I overcame my speech problem thanks to a great speech therapist and convinced that having a Motor Skill issue wasn't enough to be in Special Education working out of it by the Fourth Grade and even almost skipping a grade by the 6th.  By High School I worked hard enough to earn a high GPA at 3.75 and be one of the few in my family to officially earn a high school diploma, not knowing the health battles I would soon be facing in the next years, as although I was diagnosed with asthma before the end of High School my  asthma was at that point very mild and didn't cause me not anywhere near the grief it does today.  That fall after High School being the type of person I was, I was more than ready to go straight to college and ready I thought to tackle just about anything.  I started Portland State University as an Accounting major to change to Business Management and Human Resources realizing that although I loved math I did not want to do the accounting for the rest of my life, but than the dream of graduating with both degrees as having the Human Resources was not much more credits was shattered as my health started taking a turn for the worse.

I was two classes short but by that point due to the change of majors I was five years into college and had not taken any sort of breaks other than the normal Summer breaks and took a few terms of twenty credits.  My body needed a break.  I had always wanted to get my Master's even before my asthma got to the point it started to and even than I didn't know that it would get to the point it became.  I would go many years through many trials and tribulations.  Heartaches, Jobs gained and lost, and many other things but I kept on going.  I changed and grew a lot during the years even as the health declined and kept testing the now new Christian faith along with the new relationship with Troy.  January 2011 would mark when I would start my Master's,  in March Troy would propose, and in September we would be married and by that point I was no longer able to double in classes.  By February of 2012 close to my 31st birthday, which was ironic since I was diagnosed with Asthma pretty much on my 18th, I would start having more hand and arm pain than I ever had before although I did still struggle with my Motor Skill problem it was only if I wrote too much and with computers I usually always typed everything.

I would than come to find that from my Motor Skill problem that it had than caused Carpel Tunnel and Tendinitis overextending the muscles causing me great pain and still does more times than I want to count, but I still fight.  I would than put myself on a month break knowing I needed have a break even though afterwards wishing I did more but knowing with just one more class I could do it.  The pain was intense because the requirements for the last class was a lot but I worked through it because I knew I could do it.  I had my supporters.  I have God, I have Troy, I have my mom, I have Adam, I have Elizabeth, I have Michelle, and probably countless others that have rooted me on not knowing my full story and why just even competing my Master's was so important.

So, I just wanted to say thank you to my supporters. For some of you, you didn't really even know all the reasons why I highly appreciated your encouragement but the reason I did was because through all these struggles and although I have been a person to be a fighter all my life there were dark times too.  Especially after certain appointments with Dr. Grattan, who I do love because he has been in my corner to help me from day one, has not always been an easy pill to take I sometimes wondered if I could just get through to the end and now I have.  I have done it.  I have finished my Master's and I am the first in my family to do so.  It is a huge accomplishment for many reasons just because for awhile I didn't know if I would have been here today so Thank you everyone of you that has been there and supported me through everything.
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