Without Needing A Single Word

He looks into her brown eyes,
Grabs her hands and holds her tight,
He touches her arm and smiles,
He kisses her,
And they hold each other,
They are in love,
They do not need to speak,
They just hold each other close,
And they massage each other,
Being with each other,
Kissing every part,
Reaching deep inside the soul,
Knowing that they belong to each,
Knowing that the dreams they have,
Can always be shared,
The love is always there,
She looks into his brown eyes,
And holds him close,
Watches him sleep,
Always grateful how the Lord answered her prayer,
More than she could have ever dreamed,
This conversation keeps on going,
No words ever need to be spoken,
Because so much depth can be told,
Without even a word,
All that is needed is the moments,
The moments of them together,
The moments of just being,
The love shared,
Every day together,
As they hold on,
Through every moment of life,
And share those moments of life,
Without needing a single word.
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